Be Still My Beating Heart, is that a Seal with Roses?

Since my lungs have finally stopped burning from my ten minutes of pick up basketball on Sunday, I thought I would put together a few words about a fun promotion that we have coming up.  “But Liz, we’re still waiting on your dazzling post about the coaching staff and how important they are to a season and all of the promotions involved”.  Don’t worry loyal readers, (Mom and Dad) that will come soon enough.  I didn’t realize that this promotion was upon us.  It’s only two weeks away.  So, all you procrastinators out there…you still have time, and we still have some inventory left.  Would you like to hear about it?  Read on.

The promotion is of course, Our Valentine’s Day Package.   Before you start rolling your eyes about how Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday and only good for the discount candy on February 15th, go easy on Cupid just listen.  For $100 you can simultaneously

1). Impress or embarrass your significant other

2). Create a memory that will last a lifetime

3). Plan five date nights

4). Take care of not one but two presents for the day (roses and a Sea Dogs hat)

5). Create a permanent memory

This promotion is so fun because while a lot of leg work is involved on our end, I have seen the final result and it is awesome.  No, no one has ever purchased this package for me (cough, cough…) but I have been there when the whole shibang is delivered and it is enough to melt the heart of any Scrooge.

This package is hand delivered (“Flipper Delivered”) by Slugger the Sea Dog within a 50 mile radius of Hadlock Field.

Slugger snapping a photo after a delivery.

Slugger himself will bring your Valentine a dozen roses, a hat, a five game pack of tickets for two and snap a photo with the loveable sea creature to commemorate the moment.  The games in the package have been picked perfectly, the first being Opening Day.  Opening Day in baseball is simply made for drama and gallantry.  (“Sweetheart, you look chilly, here—take my jacket.”  Boom.  Automatic brownie points.)  It is also the start of something new, a new season, a fresh start, which is always exciting.  On Opening Day all of the past is behind you and you have a long spring, summer and hopefully fall to look forward to.  Can you think of a more perfect way to start a relationship?   The second game is the fire works day in May.  I love fire works games, which is saying a lot since the staff has to pick up all of the plugs after the game. (Plugs:  little cardboard thingys that hold all of the exlodey stuff that make a fire work a fire work and make a huge mess in the outfield.  It’s the kind of task that makes you wonder why you stressed yourself out in college).  Fireworks epitomize romance.  Who knew watching exploding colorful shells in the sky would make someone wish they had a hand to hold.  Does that say romance or does that say romance?  The third game is in June and is our brand new Renew Your Vows night.  On this night we are inviting all the marrieds in the crowd to join us on the field and take the plunge all over again.  We have a phenomenal second honeymoon package that we are raffling off to one lucky re-newly married couple courtesy of Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth.  If you haven’t been to this property yet check it out.  They have given us a two-night stay for two and a three course dinner in their restaurant, Sea Glass.  Oh and after the married tighten up that knot on the field, White Doves of Maine will be releasing their specially trained doves into the sky, signifying something spectacular and unbelievably romantic.  The final two games in the package are in late July and late August respectively.  These always phenomenal games to attend.  Summer is in full swing, the tourists and locals mingling in the rows of seats.  Not only are the games exciting but the people-watching is excellent.  So, if the date has gone stale by the third inning, amuse yourself with the drama on the field or the social interactions in the stands.

Baseball is the perfect sport because it is so flexible; it can be serious, fun, heartbreaking, heartwarming, mind numbingly boring or edge of your seat exciting.  It can be a great night out with a significant other filled with romance, or a night out with the guys filled with bromance.  Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, grandparents and grandkids, employees and employers can all attend games and find something to talk about.  Our Valentine’s Day package encompasses all of that flexibility.  It is touching without being too serious, cute without being schmaltzy.  It can say “I love you”, “I like you”, “I love to embarrass you”, “I love that you love baseball” or just “I’m thinking of you”.    I’ve talked a lot about romance, but Slugger can deliver these packages to a mother, a father, a baseball fan, a friend or a fan of cuddly sea creatures.  It is scientifically proven that dogs melt the hearts of men and women alike.  Why do you think L.L. Bean puts some many of them in their catalogues?

Little known fact:  A few years ago Assistant General Manager Chris Cameron purchased one of these packages for his then girlfriend, Sarah.  This past October they were married.  That is what we call results.

Who wouldn’t want to see this guy on 2/14/12?

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