March 2012

Pledge to a No Carb Diet Today-Vote for the Sea Dogs

It’s round two in the Minor League Madness promotion that is being put on by 47 Brand.  Be sure to vote for the Sea Dog’s hat today!  Go to this link:!/47Brand and add “Sea Dogs” as your vote to the comment section beneath this graphic:

It’s really important that you put your comment on 47 Brand’s facebook page under this graphic.  (Just follow the link).  That is how they count their votes.  Commenting our OUR facebook page, which we always encourage, will not get your vote counted for their contest.

While biscuits are normally delicious and I’m sure the Biscuits as a team are perfectly nice people, this is a competition!  Pledge to a no carb diet today at least in your hat selection.

A Vote for Portland is a Vote for the Good Guys

Sorry to all if I flooded your in boxes with a “new post”.  I have no idea what happened and am feeling like my mom does with her cell phone.  Let’s blame wordpress and try this again:

I played sports in college so at one time I was fairly competitive, once even described by a teammate as “cut throat”, which I took as a compliment.  Now, in the twilight of my athletic career I’ve swapped my competitive nature for a more loving, caring personality.


47 Band is putting on a little competition they call “Minor League Madness”.  They have pitted us up against a Triple-A Team, the Durham Bulls.  It is a true David vs. Goliath match up, with us being David.  EVERYONE knows Durham from the movie Bull Durham, and while I too harbor feelings for Kevin Coster and his smoldering stare, I refuse to loose in this match up.

You must vote for us today.  To do so, go to the 47 Brand Facebook page here:!/47Brand.  Just coment underneath the graphic and say “Sea Dogs” or “Portland” or “Portland.  Obviously”.  The graphic that you are commenting on looks like the one below:


We aren’t really sure when it ends, but vote as soon as you can.  They will post the results in the morning.  Spread the word to your friends.  Vote for David in this David and Goliath match up.

Kevin says “Hey ladies, I’ll vote for Portland, as soon as I get out of this pool”.


Spring has Sprung at Hadlock Field

My desk planner tells me that today is the first day of Spring, so, in honor of this day, I thought I would highlight the first homestand and some of the activities that we have planned.  That and the weather should make everyone think of baseball this week.

Thursday April 5th

The Portland Sea Dogs open on the road in Reading, PA at 4:05pm.  Get a jump start on the rest of the Sea Dogs fans and hear Mike Antonellis on WPEI 95.9 and 95.9, our new flagship station.  You can also follow Mike and his travel tweets @seadogsradio.  Where the team goes, Mike goes, so he is a great resource for up to date information regarding the team.

Thursday April 12th 6pm Game Time, Gates open at 4:00pm

Opening Day!  Talk about a command performance.  We have a 71 home game schedule that lasts through Labor Day, yet Opening Day is the most nerve-wracking day of all, at least for me.  Our winter of hard work is put to the test and we open our doors to the public.  Thanks to U.S. Cellular, we are giving away a fleece blanket to the first 1,000 fans that enter the park.  In addition to the adorable giveaway, this day has special meaning because it is the start of something new, which is always exciting.  We do a full introduction of both teams in the pre-game, and you get your first glimpse of the team you will root for through Labor Day and beyond.

Photo Credit: ME. This morning.

Friday April 13th 6:00pm Game Time, Gates open at 4:30pm

This is a college night at the park, and Courtney and everyone in Group Sales has been hard at work contacting local colleges, universities and specifically Sport Management programs to attend the game and see how we put on our show.  Sport Management as a major in college has seen an enormous jump in popularity amongst undergrads and grads in recent years, and we are fortunate to have a strong base of schools in Maine and New England from which to draw talent.  Additionally, we know that we are an excellent classroom for these future students (and let’s be serious, probably my future bosses), so it only works out for us to endear ourselves to them from the start.

We have reached out to college championship sports teams and are going to recognize them before this game.  So, if your team won a championship, start harassing your Athletic Director for more information about this game.

Saturday April 14th 1:00pm Game Time, Gates open at 11:30am

Come out to Hadlock Field for some day baseball and pay tribute to your local “Hometown Heroes”.  These are the men and women of your local Fire, EMS and Police Departments that help keep our cities and towns safe throughout the year.  They will be honored on the field before the game.  If you know someone who needs to be recognized in this, contact your local Fire, Police or Emergency Responder Department, as they already have the letters calling for nominees.  Also, the first 1,000 fans through the park that day will also receive a Sea Dogs magnet schedule thanks to Paul G. White.  The magnet schedule is clutch for people who can never refold the pocket schedules properly.  Have you tried? It’s like putting shoes back into the shoe box.

Sunday April 15th 1:00pm Game Time, Gates Open at 11:30am

New for 2012, we are doing a special Faith & Family Day at Hadlock Field.  I know, isn’t everyday family day here?  Well, technically, yes, but we are working to make this day extra special.   Brayton has been contacting churches and youth groups to join in a special a pre-game chat about how our players and coaches balance their busy travel schedules with their own personal faiths, family lives and goals, as their loved ones are usually thousands of miles away.  If you have a church or a youth group interested, contact Brayton at

This is also our first Hoods Kids Club day of the season.  The activity for the Kids Club members on this day is a pre-game parade around the warning track starting at 12:15pm.  Click the Hood Kids Club link in this paragraph to sign up your kiddo if you’d like to participate in this and the other fun events throughout the season.

Also, as with every Sunday game, kids 16 and under are welcome to run the bases after the game thanks to Prime Motor Group.  Running the bases is obviously weather permitting, but we keep you posted throughout the game as to the status of the event.

Monday April 16th, 6:00pm Game Time, Gates Open at 4:30pm

This is our special Military Monday kick off.  Military Monday is a special ticket deal available to military members and their families for Monday games throughout the season sponsored by 106.3 The Bone. Military members, weather you are active, retired or the spouse of a deployed member, can print the coupon here:  Show the coupon and your military ID at the box office to redeem your tickets to our special Monday Games.

Additionally on this day I am happy to report that we have a motorcycle parade scheduled pre-game by the Maine Chapter of Rolling Thunder.  Rolling Thunder is a wonderful organization dedicated to keeping the memory alive of the men and women who are prisoners of war or missing in action.  This group will be at Hadlock Field in force on Monday, making a dramatic entrance onto the field via the centerfield entrance, riding around the warning track and leading the stadium in a moment of silence.  I’m a professional civilian, who could be described “soft” or “wimpy”, and know nothing of the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, so please join us on this special day and thank the people who allow us to continue our cushy existence.

Tuesday April 17th, 6:00pm Game Time, Gates Open at 4:30pm

This day is known to most Americans as tax day, a day when we are reminded of the wonders of democracy.  To commemorate this day that reminds us that only two things in life are guaranteed, Death and Taxes, we have partnered with Jones, Rich & Hutchins to give away a Tombstone to one lucky fan.  Obviously you must enter at a special sign up location in the concourse because I refuse to draw a “lucky” fan for this, and you must be present to win.  Yes, a Tombstone, why not?

April 18th, NOON Time game, Gates open at 10:30am

Who does not love day baseball?  Seriously, it is the greatest invention since electricity ruined it.  Even people who have 9-5 jobs can swing by Hadlock for “lunch”.  So what if “lunch” lasts approximately three hours?  This is also our Wolf Wednesday Ticket Deal where for $44.00 you get Four Hot Dogs, Four Sodas and a Game Day Program for $44.00.  Dave and Michelle from the Wolf will be pushing this as well, but click on this funky link to purchase:


This homestand is always a blast because, well, baseball season is a blast.  We hope to see you at any one of the games that we highlight throughout the year.  If you have any questions about the promotions that we are doing, please feel free to reach out to me at

The first sun of spring rising over our seats.

Promotional Fun on a Friday

What on-field promotion are these guys ready for?

This is what happens when the boss is away and it’s a cloudy Friday almost-afternoon.  Please excuse my poor camera skills, it was difficult to keep it still while I was laughing. One of my strengths is that I am very skilled at buying things.  To the right are some items that I recently purchased to enhance one of our on field promotions.  Can you guys which one it is?


Here’s a Hint…..

The Lobster Toss is a staple in the Sea Dogs on-field promotional schedule.  Not only is it a fan favorite, but it also combines local industry, competition, occasional athleticism but mostly hilarity, all into 90 seconds.

T-Minus 28 Days until Opening Day

The cast of Saved by the Bell, clockwise from ...

Image via Wikipedia, but you know who they are.

I have been neglectful in updating this promotions blog and for that I apologize.  But, ironically, my failure to update is specifically because we have added more promotions to our already very busy (and very fun if I do say so myself) schedule.

The month of March can come in like a lamb or a lion, or whatever the weather people say when they explain the fifth season called Mud in New England, but regardless of how the month enters and leaves, it always brings baseball with it.  Since February the Sea Dogs office has been in high gear fine-tuning all of our events for the season, getting our new billboards up and generally making improvements throughout the stadium.

Opening Day is on April 12th, which is always exciting.  Looking forward to opening day reminds me of the way I would look forward to Summer Vacation as a kid.  I would wait and wait and toil through school work for that first day of summer vacation, thinking of all the fun that I would have.  The only difference is that now instead of waking up around noon with nothing to do all day, I get to work before the sun is up and walk a baseball stadium hoping I didn’t forget anything.  Oddly enough the latter is much more fun.

This Opening Day (April 12th….mark your calendar) we are giving away a fleece blanket to the first 1,000 fans, which is made possible by our friends at U.S. Cellular.  Quick note about U.S. Cellular:  when they say you can go into one of their stores and get a fresh battery, they mean it.  I was in Bangor meeting with the Bangor Daily News for yes, another promotion, and my phone died.  Being captain safety, I was not comfortable driving home without a phone.  So, I found a U.S. Cellular store, walked in, asked for a battery and three minutes later I walked out with a freshly charged phone.  Boom.  That easy.  They are cute blankets, too.  In addition to U.S. Cellular being super nice, I especially liked this giveaway because the boxes of blankets were light and easy to move.  It’s the little things, people.

So, when I say we have added a few more promotions to the roster, what do I mean?  Well, first off all, the big one, which will warrant a post all its own in June is David Munster’s Flat Screen Fridays.  Starting June 29th, David Munster’s TV Sales and Service will be giving away two 32 inch flat screen televisions at each Friday game.  These are not generic televisions either, they are Panasonic.  David is not messing around.  The best thing about getting the TVs from there is that David can also service televisions which is a bonus.  Fans have to enter at the game and yes, be present to win.  It’s name-brand flat screen television folks, you cannot win one of those things in absentia.

The other new update is for our Teacher Appreciation game on April 27th, which Electricity Maine is sponsoring.  Personally, I love this promotion because both of my parents work in education.  Teachers are awesome, frequently spending their own money on supplies, working on weekends and continuing their education by taking classes at night.  On April 27th we will be recognizing Maine teachers that have been nominated by their Principals.  Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell will be there, as will Soma Massage giving complimentary chair massages to the nominated teachers.

There are many more promotions to talk about here, which we will.  But, if you are dying to know about all of the exciting promotions that we are doing, check out our promo schedule at  And if you’re a fan of baseball, we’ve got that too.