Promotional Fun on a Friday

What on-field promotion are these guys ready for?

This is what happens when the boss is away and it’s a cloudy Friday almost-afternoon.  Please excuse my poor camera skills, it was difficult to keep it still while I was laughing. One of my strengths is that I am very skilled at buying things.  To the right are some items that I recently purchased to enhance one of our on field promotions.  Can you guys which one it is?


Here’s a Hint…..

The Lobster Toss is a staple in the Sea Dogs on-field promotional schedule.  Not only is it a fan favorite, but it also combines local industry, competition, occasional athleticism but mostly hilarity, all into 90 seconds.

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All Heff would need is a cigar and people would think being a lobsterman was his profession. Thank God he works for the Sea Dogs because if he was a fisherman, lobsters and fish a plenty would be throwing themselves on the boat for the fish charmer – looks way to normal.

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