T-Minus 28 Days until Opening Day

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I have been neglectful in updating this promotions blog and for that I apologize.  But, ironically, my failure to update is specifically because we have added more promotions to our already very busy (and very fun if I do say so myself) schedule.

The month of March can come in like a lamb or a lion, or whatever the weather people say when they explain the fifth season called Mud in New England, but regardless of how the month enters and leaves, it always brings baseball with it.  Since February the Sea Dogs office has been in high gear fine-tuning all of our events for the season, getting our new billboards up and generally making improvements throughout the stadium.

Opening Day is on April 12th, which is always exciting.  Looking forward to opening day reminds me of the way I would look forward to Summer Vacation as a kid.  I would wait and wait and toil through school work for that first day of summer vacation, thinking of all the fun that I would have.  The only difference is that now instead of waking up around noon with nothing to do all day, I get to work before the sun is up and walk a baseball stadium hoping I didn’t forget anything.  Oddly enough the latter is much more fun.

This Opening Day (April 12th….mark your calendar) we are giving away a fleece blanket to the first 1,000 fans, which is made possible by our friends at U.S. Cellular.  Quick note about U.S. Cellular:  when they say you can go into one of their stores and get a fresh battery, they mean it.  I was in Bangor meeting with the Bangor Daily News for yes, another promotion, and my phone died.  Being captain safety, I was not comfortable driving home without a phone.  So, I found a U.S. Cellular store, walked in, asked for a battery and three minutes later I walked out with a freshly charged phone.  Boom.  That easy.  They are cute blankets, too.  In addition to U.S. Cellular being super nice, I especially liked this giveaway because the boxes of blankets were light and easy to move.  It’s the little things, people.

So, when I say we have added a few more promotions to the roster, what do I mean?  Well, first off all, the big one, which will warrant a post all its own in June is David Munster’s Flat Screen Fridays.  Starting June 29th, David Munster’s TV Sales and Service will be giving away two 32 inch flat screen televisions at each Friday game.  These are not generic televisions either, they are Panasonic.  David is not messing around.  The best thing about getting the TVs from there is that David can also service televisions which is a bonus.  Fans have to enter at the game and yes, be present to win.  It’s name-brand flat screen television folks, you cannot win one of those things in absentia.

The other new update is for our Teacher Appreciation game on April 27th, which Electricity Maine is sponsoring.  Personally, I love this promotion because both of my parents work in education.  Teachers are awesome, frequently spending their own money on supplies, working on weekends and continuing their education by taking classes at night.  On April 27th we will be recognizing Maine teachers that have been nominated by their Principals.  Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell will be there, as will Soma Massage giving complimentary chair massages to the nominated teachers.

There are many more promotions to talk about here, which we will.  But, if you are dying to know about all of the exciting promotions that we are doing, check out our promo schedule at www.seadogs.com.  And if you’re a fan of baseball, we’ve got that too.


My teachers are going to Looooove the massages!

These are some great promotions! I would love to meet Mr. Belding (well, I’d rather meet Kelly…) as I loved Saved By The Bell when I was a kid. Looks like Hadlock is the place to be this summer.

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