Motorcycle Parade Recap and Tuesday Preview

Last night we welcomed the riders from Rolling Thunder, Chapter 2.  Based out of Sanford, this group is committed to keeping the memories of POW and MIA soldiers in the hearts, thoughts and prayers of the American people.  They were a TREMENDOUS group to work with and their presence at the ballpark was heart warming.  Over 40 motorcycles rode around the warning track to start the game.   It was impressive, loud and awesome all at the same time.

Rolling Thunder’s honor guard also joined us for the pre-game ceremonies, which included a moment of silence, the National Anthem performed by the Maine Games winner and Maine National Guard Member Crystal Ryder and an official first pitch by Leon Tanguay.  Leon is a World War II Veteran, former Prisoner of War and has a truly amazing story.  Here is a snippet of that story, that we read as his bio for his first pitch:

“Walking out to our mound we have our honorary first pitch, Mr. Leon Tanguay.  Leon is a lifelong resident of Sanford,  is the father of five children, a grandfather and a great grandfather.  He served in the US Army during WWII where he was a member of the 28th Infantry Division.  Corporal Tanguay was captured in France in August of 1944.  He was transported to Germany where he remained a POW for nine months.  As a prisoner he worked on repairing the bombed out railroad tracks and worked at clearing the streets of Munich after the bombing of that city.  He was put to work on a farm in Austria picking up potatoes, and he also worked digging  holes so that the women Polish prisoners could replant trees.  Leon was liberated from the POW camp in Austria at the end of WWII.  He was awarded the State of Maine Silver Star Honorable Service Medal.  Please join us in thanking Corporal Leon Tanguay, Former POW, WWII Veteran and native Mainer.”

Here’s a guy that has lived a 1,000 lifetimes and helped countless people.  He could not have been more sweet and the crowd loved him.  Why wouldn’t they?  In addition to his life’s work, LOOK AT HIS FORM!

Tonight’s game promises to be very fun as well.  Everyone knows it’s Tax Day, so we have found some levity in the situation.  Thanks to Jones, Rich & Hutchins, we will be giving away a beautiful granite memorial to a “lucky” fan during the game. Uncle Sam will be with me to draw the winner during the game.  Take a break from crunching numbers, have a laugh and a hot dog and spend a nine inning vacation with us!

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