Bringing Good Tidings and Joy to Those on your List

While I love the Holiday Season, there is often undue stress placed upon finding the perfect gift.  We also all know someone who is incredibly difficult to shop for.  For me, that person is my Dad.  He is, without a doubt, the worst person to shop for because he claims to “like everything!”.  Really, Dad?  Because I was going to get you the unabridged version of Anna Karenina and broccoli.  No one actually likes “everything”.  But seriously, I enjoy shopping for other people.  It is fun for me to think of gifts that they will truly appreciate and enjoy.  Sometimes, that gift does not have to be a material item.  At the Sea Dogs we have worked with many non-profit organizations that do tremendous work in Maine and throughout New England.  This year I have made a few donations in the name of people on my shopping list, because I knew that would be more meaningful to them than another material possession.   Don’t get me wrong, material possessions are wonderful.  I still fondly remember the Barbie Dream House that was under the tree on Christmas morning when I was five.  (It had an elevator!)  But if you’re stumped this year, consider donating to an organization in the name of someone on your gift list.  If you’re not sure what organization to look towards, read on to learn more about an organization that we worked closely with this summer.


This past summer, the Sea Dogs partnered with the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program to host the first-ever Adventure Series event for veterans and military families in the state of Maine. The Home Base Adventure Series is designed to support family relationships during and after deployments. The program offers military veterans and their families an opportunity to explore a new sport or activity together, meet other military families – and get acquainted with the Home Base Program. The Sea Dogs event this past summer was a big success — over 100 veterans and their families joined us at Hadlock field for an afternoon game and outdoor barbecue. During the opening ceremony, kids and adults helped unveil a large American flag on the field for the singing of the national anthem. Follow @Home Base Program on Facebook and see photos from the event This was the beginning of what we hope to be a longstanding relationship with Home Base.

Home Base Tent in Hadlock Field Plaza.

Home Base Tent in Hadlock Field Plaza.

Pre-Game PresentationAugust 19th, 2012

Pre-Game Presentation
August 19th, 2012

Donations made to the Home Base Program support the treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and families affected by combat or deployment-related stress and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – the “invisible wounds of war.” It is estimated that as many as one in three Iraq and Afghanistan veterans experience the effects of one of these injuries. Home Base clinicians provide individualized, confidential mental health care, and physical, medicine and rehabilitation for veterans regardless of their ability to pay or their discharge status. Funding also allows Home Base to provide counseling and support of veterans’ families; research to improve understanding and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and TBI; and community and provider education surrounding these wounds. The support of generous donors has allowed Home Base to treat and support hundreds of veterans and families throughout New England; produce new educational materials and disseminate them to thousands of primary care physicians, nurses, educators and first responders not only in New England but nationwide; and employ a team of veterans to find those in need and guide them into care.

There are many ways in which people can support the Home Base Program:

The Home Base Program relies almost solely on philanthropic support from donors. This financial support may be given directly by individual donors, but donors may also host fundraising events that benefit Home Base.

A gift of time is always most welcome…the Home Base Program operates several special events which require hundreds of volunteers each year. If interested, email

You may know an active duty service member, veteran or family that is facing challenges from a military deployment. Let them know that the Home Base Program is there to help them. Visit or call 617-724-5202 to learn more.

So whether it be planning a charity golf tournament, operating a lemonade stand, asking an employer to donate to Home Base, volunteering at a special event, or referring a veteran or family in need to Home Base, there are many ways to get involved!


Special thanks to the Development Team at Home Base for putting together the information on their wonderful organization.  Be happy, healthy, safe and kind as we get closer to Christmas!

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