Making the Cut

In preparation for our hair donation event at Hadlock Field on May 8th, I am chopping off 8-10 inches of my hair this morning at the very accommodating and very comfortable Akari Salon in Portland.   I love going to Akari.  You instantly feel relaxed as soon as you walk in their door and they have a HUGE selection of magazines.

I will package it up into a baggie and send it off to be made into a wig for some battling cancer.  It’s a great feeling for two reasons:  1.  Most importantly, you’re helping a stranger and 2.  The people at Akari do an amazing job.

It’s a turn key hair cut because everyone there knows so much about hair, you know it’s going to look great.  The stylists there are also very nice, you just chat away throughout the entire thing.  Angela has been cutting my hair since 2008 when I first donated.  She does an amazing job both when I have had long hair and short hair.  In addition to being easy to talk to, she’s very versatile and thorough.  She My mom gets her hair cut by D, who is a riot.  If you’re ever feeling down, get a cut by her.  Sometimes I go and sit with my mom as she gets her hair cut just to take in the show.  

This is the fifth year in a row that Akari and 99.9 The Wolf are joining us for our All The Hair You Can Spare event.  Do you have some hair to spare?  If so, here are the requirements for donation:

1.  at least 8-10 inches

2.  Healthy, minimally processed, not dyed.  Some highlights ok

3.  Less than 5% gray

Why these strange requirements?  Because it takes about 6 pony tales to make up a wig, all of which come from different people.  They then dye all of these pony tails one uniform color, and in order for the dye to take, the hair must meet these requirements.

The details one more time:

What: Hair Donation Event

When:  May 8th from 4:30pm-6:00pm

Where:  Hadlock Field

How:  Sign up with me, 

Why:  To help people, of course

In addition to your great hair cut, you will also get two tickets to the game that evening and a Sea Dogs hat.  Not to mention the unbelievable feeling of helping a stranger battling an illness.  (You won’t need the hat that evening, by the way, you’ll be too busy flaunting your new cut.  Save the hat for another game!)

So, if you have got some hair to spare, reserve your donation time now.  Because the Akari folks style your hair after making the cut, we cannot accommodate walk-ins, so book your time with me in advance!  The remaining spaces will go quickly!

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