Heading into a New Homestand

You can kick-off this coming weekend with the Sea Dogs, who will be back in action at Hadlock Field on Friday April 27th.  This game is one that I have been looking forward to A LOT, because we will be honoring our hard working teachers at this game AND hosting everyone’s favorite principal, Mr. Belding from the television show, Saved by the Bell.  All of this is thanks to Electricity Maine, who stepped up and sponsored the event, making the additional activities (Mr. Belding, Chair Massages for the teachers thanks to Soma Massage) possible.  If you haven’t checked out Electricity Maine, do so here:  http://www.electricityme.com/  It’s a pretty cool concept.

There are obviously way more games to cover (we are home from the 27th through May 3rd!)  but I wanted to post the “after” picture of my massive hair cut thanks to the lovely stylists at Akari.

When they found out that I was doing this for the promo blog, they insisted that we do Post-Cut shot.  They could not have been more excited about it, and truly made me feel welcomed and at ease.  Their enthusiasm and excitement proves the positive difference that customers can feel when employees truly love their job.

My mom said my pony-tail looked like a "Rodent". Tell me how you really feel...




So there you  have it.  You can’t go wrong with Akari.  Limited spots remain to donate at Hadlock Field on May 8th.  Call or email me to reserve your time.

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