Hadlock Field, the Place to be this Weekend

If you’re at a loss as to what to do this beautiful weekend, we have planned it all out for you:

Start the weekend with us by honoring those who taught you to read and write, your teachers!   Teacher Appreciation Night is happening TONIGHT thanks to the kind people of Electricity Maine.  Rounding out this evening are chair massages for all of the honored teachers before the game and an appearance by the one and only Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell.  He will be signing autographs in the concourse at the Napa Autograph table at 6pm.

"Best Principal Ever"

Can’t join us Friday night?  Don’t worry, we have a game on Saturday afternoon.  Remember, on Saturdays our band The Kastaways performs in the front plaza from 11:15am-1:15pm.  They are awesome, they are funny, and they are a hit with both kids and parents.  Also on that day before the game we are honoring some Most Improved Students from the State of Maine, thanks to NextGen College Investing Plan.  This is part one of our seven part program which hosts kids nominated by their teachers for having shown the most improvement throughout the school year.  This is such a fun promotion because the kids get to go out on the field, see their name on the video board, and feel proud for their academic accomplishments.  Super Cute.  I was a Most Improved Student myself back in 1999.  Also, because April is Autism Awareness Month, we will be  promoting this cause throughout the game.  Check out more info on Autism here:  http://www.asmonline.org/news.asp?article=4135

Can’t join us Saturday?  Sunday we are also home at 1pm.  On Sunday we will be playing host to more Most Improved kiddos before the game.  Also, Timber Tina will be performing in our pre-game show.  I can’t really describe what will happen, but a quick Google search found this:

Also on Sunday before the game the dancers from Steppin’ Out Dance Centre will be showing us their skills, after the Timber Tina Lumberjill show.  Then of course, since it’s Sunday and the weather looks as though it will permit, after the game we will have Kids Run the Bases thanks to Prime Motor Group.  Here is a cute pic from last Sundays run:

So to recap the weekend:

Friday the 27th 6pm Game

Saturday the 28th 1pm Game

Sunday the 29th 1pm Game

We also have games on Monday April 30th, Tuesday May 1st and Wednesday May 2nd and Thursday May 3rd.  Those games have their own host of promotions that deserve their own post, like a Poetry Contest with UMF, a Patriots Player thanks to the Asylum, a DARE graduation, a Red Sox Magnet Schedule giveaway, School Groups, Little League Groups, Slugger’s Reading Challenge Kids, and more.

Oh and I heard that Dice-K is making a rehab start here on Saturday, too.

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