It’s Saturday!

Which means it’s another Kastaways performance today in the front plaza!  11:15am-1:15pm.

Also, here are some pics from last night’s Electricity Maine Teacher Appreciation Game:

Proud Sponsor of the 2nd Annual Teacher Appreciation Game.

You Know It.

Slugger hanging out with Mr. Belding Pre-Game

Big thank you to Soma Massage of South Portland for taking care of our teachers!

Mr. Belding addresses our appreciated teachers with a great speech.

Jason Lambert, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Gorham Middle School throws out a first pitch. Obviously someone had been practicing.

It was a very fun night, and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) could not have been more gracious with fans.  He was tremendous to work with and met each teacher on the field during the recognition ceremony, signed hundreds of autographs during the game and took I don’t know how many pictures with fans.

See everyone at Hadlock this morning for The Kastaways performance!


What an awesome day at the ballpark! The teachers definately deserve the recognition, and I would’ve loved to meet Mr. Belding! Great promotion, as usual!

Mr.Lambert is an awesome LA teacher and I love that I know him

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