And the Winner is….

Hello, My name is Dexter.

Dexter is the winner of the Cutest Dog Contest 2012!  We were overwhelmed with the cuteness of all of the pups, so thank you very much for sharing your photos with us.  Dexter, we will see YOU and your owner at the June 5th game at Hadlock Field!  For your first pitch, please join us at the First Base gate, located right by the Sea Dogs Dug out.  You will pass this as you are participating in the Doggie Parade.  Just stop right at this gate to prep for your first pitch!  I will be waiting with your goodie bag.  Please be sure to report to the first base gate by 6:35pm SHARP!  For questions email me,

And so we don’t leave out any of the cute dogs, take a moment to look through our nominations:




Ginger Dand







Thank you to all who shared their dogs with us today. It made the Friday fly by!

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It must have been difficult not to pick the dog with the Sea Dogs helmet on…

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