Vote Yes On Slugger!

For those of you who might not know, Slugger has advanced to the Sweet 16 round of Minor League Baseball’s Mascot Mania.  They are looking to crown the “Best Mascot in Minor League Baseball”.

Slugger is currently battling Nutzy, the mascot of the Richmond Flying Squirrels, to advance to the Elite 8.  In case you were still on the fence about who to vote for, here are eleven reasons why you should Vote Yes on Slugger.

11.  He is helpful.

Trained in the fine art of customer service.


10. Sea Dog Biscuits.  You’re welcome.


9. He is adorable.

Adorable AND handy.

8. He is a great dancer.  How many seals do you know who can keep the YMCA hip?

Keepin’ it fresh.

7. He is huggable.

Soft and Fuzzy.

6. Kids love him.

Never runs out of high-fives.

5. He’s never once won the race around the bases, losing to countless children every day, for nineteen seasons.  Throw him a bone, he has to win something.

Better luck next time.

4. His skits and general tom-foolery are amongst minor league’s best.

Oh, Slugger.

19 Seasons (and Counting) of striking a pose!

3. He’s a seal, how cute is that?

I mean, come on.

2. He’s versatile, looking great in both teal and black AND blue and red.

After this picture, Portland Head Light asked Slugger for his autograph.

1. For someone who doesn’t talk, he is an excellent spokesperson, raising over FOUR  Million Dollars for the Strike out Cancer in Kids Program.

Posing with this year’s Slugger’s Kid, Leah!

Adorable, helpful, creator of delicious foods and master fundraiser, you can’t go wrong with this guy.  You can vote for our favorite seal up to twenty times per round!  You do NOT have to fill out the entire bracket, just vote for Slugger!  Follow this link to vote:

Happy Voting!

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