Big Season, Big Off Season

It was an exciting year to be a Red Sox affiliate for sure!  Each season in Minor League Baseball is fun, but I will be honest, when your affiliate wins the World Series, it is REALLY fun.  Especially when 17 of the 25 guys on the roster played for your team. This season alone fans were treated to seeing Xander Bogaerts, Brandon Workman and Drake Britton before they were shipped to Boston.

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A preview of the 2014 Head Shots.

A preview of the 2014 Head Shots.

So, the 2013 season was full of great players and great promos.  To follow up on that, the 2014 season is looking even busier.  We just unveiled our new video board and pitch count sign.

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Pitch Count Board.

Pitch Count Board.

These capital improvements are still ongoing, but we wanted the lion’s share of the work to be done before the holiday season.  It is literally a gigantic television in center field.  Our promo crew, Slugger included, might have to invest in some high def make up.

Getting ready for his close up.

Getting ready for his close up.

In addition to the new toys and gadgets we will have at Hadlock, we are also thrilled to welcome four new full time employees.  Throughout the off season you will get the chance to meet them both in person and on the interwebs.

Tickets are on sale for 2014, if you can believe it!  Stay warm, folks.  And as usual, think spring. (After the Holidays, that is.  Those are always a good time.)

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